Support and service

Bioservices wants to be a natural partner and product supplier for laboratory diagnostics. We offer a wide range of products. Among other things, instruments for DNA and RNA extraction, PCR tests of various types and accessories. We care about flexibility and that our customers should experience the simplicity of hiring us as a supplier. Therefore, we offer preferential support agreements to maintain the instruments. With our broad expertise, we can provide you with complete solutions to optimize lab flow and improve efficiency.


We mainly sell products in DNA/RNA extraction, PCR tests and pipetting robots. With us you can buy both consumables, such as deep hole plates and tips, but also instruments, accessories and kits. You can also lease your instruments with us. Welcome to contact us via and we will tell you more!


Bioservices offers service agreements to optimize lab flow and maintain the instruments used. We can offer training, service and reprogram existing instruments to give the instruments new life and the functions you want.

The personal service

We are known for our personal service. We are constantly working based on our keywords flexibility, ease of access and customized solutions.


With us, you always get easy and fast service. We want to be flexible with the aim of providing our customers with the best possible service. Our service technicians have extensive experience in the industry and a wide network of contacts, which is a necessity to be able to deliver the support that advanced medical devices need.

Easily accessible

We cherish a short chain of communication. When you contact us, you get in touch directly with the responsible person and avoid long telephone queues and time-consuming intermediaries.

Customized solutions

We always listen to the challenge picture and offer the best possible solution based on this. Each solution is uniquely adapted to the customer’s needs and we strive to present innovative and creative solutions.


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