Bruker Carbaplex IVD


The Carbaplex® IVD-CE PCR Kit is a multiplex real-time PCR test for the five most prevalent carbapenemase gene families; providing rapid results with high sensitivity and specificity without the need for culture.

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Molecular identification of five carbapenemase gene families

The Carbaplex® IVD PCR Kit is a multiplex real-time PCR assay for rapidly identifying patients carrying CPEs, detecting and differentiating the five most prevalent carbapenemase genes from a single sample:

  • OXA-48-like (including OXA-181)
  • KPC
  • NDM
  • VIM
  • IMP

For the confirmation of carbapenemase activity, the MBT STAR®-Carba assay is available, which runs on the MALDI Biotyper® IVD systems.

Fast diagnostic turnaround

The Carbaplex® IVD PCR Kit provides results in under 3 hours, compared with days for culture-based screening approaches, helping the laboratory to rapidly inform the infection control team when time matters.


The Carbaplex® IVD PCR Kit is an easy-to-use master-mix format and is designed to be compatible with existing laboratory equipment, minimizing the need for dedicated bench space or additional training:

  • ABI 7500
  • ABI QuantStudio 5
  • Bio-Rad CFX
  • Hain FluoroCycler® XT
  • Mic qPCR Cycler
  • Qiagen RotorGene

Routine samples

The Carbaplex® IVD PCR Kit is suitable for use in high-throughput testing scenarios using DNA extracted from rectal swabs, or for confirmation testing of suspected isolates.


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