Bruker GenoType CMdirect


Your test system for the detection of M. tuberculosis complex and differentiation of more than 20 clinically relevant NTM directly from patient specimens.

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Starting from sputum specimens, GenoType CMdirect allows for the rapid and reliable differentiation of M. tuberculosis complex and NTM. Besides, the simultaneous detection of more than 20 clinically relevant NTM species is also possible.

Your benefits with GenoType CMdirect

  • Maximum efficiency:For the test procedure patient specimens are used as starting material. With a single processing numerous clinically relevant mycobacteria species are detected.
  • Time advantage:The results are available within five hours only. This means an enormous time advantage as compared to culture-based methods.
  • High reliability: Several controls which are provided with the kit guarantee valid results.
  • High flexibility: The test can be processed manually or automated and is suitable for low to high sample throughput.


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