TANBead Optipure Blood DNA Auto Tube (M8/M48)


– Genomic DNA
– whole blood or buffy coat
– 250~300 ul sample volume

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#61E is developed for Genomic DNA extraction of TANBead reagent family.

OptiPure Blood DNA Auto Plate/Auto Tube (61E) has excellent performance and can be applied to most of the blood samples, especially for those viscous blood samples, which are usually difficult to handle, such as frozen blood stored at -20 ℃. Samples are lysis and the nucleic acid will be purified by TANBead’s automation. The nucleic acid products are of high purity with extremely low salt content, no contaminants of proteins and inhibitors, and can be directly applied for following tests, such as PCR (polymerase chain reaction), enzyme reactions, DHPLC (denaturing high performance liquid chromatography) and other clinical tests.

How It Works

The blood samples can be directly applied to TANBead OptiPure Blood DNA Extraction Kit with proteinase K. The nucleic acid extraction can be processed using an Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor. During the process, the silicon dioxide layer coated to the magnetic beads adsorbs and purifies nucleic acids from the samples. When the program ends, aliquot the purified nucleic acid into a clean tube.


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