When you want to perform a rapid concentration of microorganisms in liquid samples, The CP Select System is your solution.


The CP Select System excels in recovering bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells and viruses from relatively large sample volumes. The one-pass method uses robust filtration followed by instant sample recovery using InnovaPrep’s patented Wet Foam Elution-process delivering a highly concentrated sample that improves sensitivity for detection by any analysis method – including culture, PCR, and sequencing – with unprecedented speed and efficiency

CP Select is manufactured by InnovaPrep. Their patented sampling and sample preparation technology allows you to monitor the presence of biological targets in your environment or products faster and with greater sensitivity.


FluidPrep™ CP Select™ specifikationer

  • Humidity – 0-85% in non-condensing environments
  • Dimensions – 35.3cm L x 15.7cm W x 29.2 cm H
  • Weight – 3.9 kg
  • Interface – USB 2.0 Compatible, Micro B
  • Starting Liquid Sample Volume – From 0.5mL to 5L *
  • Final Sample Volume (post concentration) – 100-400 microliters *
  • Recovery Efficiency – 86-95 %*
  • Recovery (Elution) Time – 5 Seconds *
  • Elution Buffers – Item# HC08001 Tris or Item # HC08000 PBS

*Will vary depending on pipette application.


Product sheet (PDF)

Download (PDF)

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