The magLEAD 6gC instrument is based on the well-established Magtration® technology, already used on over 10,000 instruments worldwide. DNA and RNA can be extracted in less than 30 minutes with the new extraction chemistry MagDEA Dx.

1-6 Samples.

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magLEAD® 6gC.

Precision, easy to use, bench top instrumentation for fast, low cost nucleic acid extraction. High-quality nucleic acids are obtained by using in-tip magnetic bead extraction (Magtration®). Providing faster, cleaner and more efficient magnetic bead extractions for high-purity nucleic acid recovery. Dedicated reagent cartridges and the in-tip extractions minimize plastic and reagent waste as well as reducing contamination.


  • Dimensions: 33 × 51 × 57 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg