Bruker FluoroType® MTBDR V2


Single-tube high-multiplex PCR and subsequent fluorescence-based detection of M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance against rifampicin and isoniazid from sputum specimens or cultivated samples.

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FluoroType® MTBDR is based on the innovative LiquidArray® technology. Within one reaction the test allows for the detection of M. tuberculosis complex and identification of mutations within the rpoBinhA and katG genes. Decontaminated sputum and culture samples can be used as sample material.

DNA extraction can be performed manually using FluoroLyse. After DNA isolation and PCR set-up, the plate can be directly placed into the FluoroCycler® XT for amplification and detection. The results are evaluated and displayed in the FluoroCycler® XT Report.

Your benefits with FluoroType® MTBDR

  • Novel technology:The test system is based on the innovative LiquidArray®technology. It thus enables reliable MDR-TB diagnostics within 2.5 hours only.
  • True MDR-TB testing:Resistances to both first-line drugs, rifampicin and isoniazid, are reliably identified, as well as mono-resistances.
  • Reliable results: The assays can detect silent mutations within the rpoBgene and therefore allows confidence when testing for resistance.
  • Flexible and intelligent software: The user-friendly and machine learning, specific FluoroSoftware®does the evaluation and interpretation. A high number of resistance-mediating mutations is specified within the result report. In addition, rare or so far unknown mutations in the target genes are also shown.

Automated solution: Amplification and detection run automated in a closed system, the FluoroCycler® XT.


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