Bruker GenoType NTM-DR


Your molecular genetic test system for the detection of resistance to macrolides and aminoglycosides in various clinically relevant NTM.

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GenoType NTM-DR allows the detection of several clinically relevant NTMs including the differentiation between M. intracellulare and M. chimaera. Furthermore, the mycobacteria resistance to macrolides and aminoglycosides are also detected within the same step. Thus, GenoType NTM-DR provides crucial information as a prerequisite for an adequate therapy regimen.

Your benefits with GenoType NTM-DR

  • Reliable results: GenoType NTM-DR allows the simultaneous detection and differentiation of several nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) and their resistance to macrolides and aminogycosides from cultured material. Thus, this test system is an additional tool for the diagnosis and treatment regimen of NTMs.
  • Striking information: The test can uniquely differentiate between M. intracellulare and M. chimaera using a proven technology.
  • Rapid results: Results with detailed information are available within 5 hours only compared to laborious and time-consuming conventional methods.
  • User-friendly: The well-established DNA•STRIP technology enables manual or automated processing – thus a convenient implementation in your lab is easily possible.
  • CE-marked: No need for elaborates validation studies.


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