Bruker GenoType MTBDRsl V2


Identification of the M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides/cyclic peptides (and ethambutol).

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GenoType MTBDRsl VER 1.0 was the first commercial NAT for the detection of resistances to second-line drugs and was recommended by WHO to be used as a rule-in test for XDR-TB.
The second version of GenoType MTBDRsl also enables the detection of mutations involved in resistance to injectable drugs as well as the resistance to fluoroquinolones. Furthermore, the test system offers new features or the detection of resistances to second-line drugs.

  • Sensitive detection: The first version of GenoTypeMTBDRslcan be processed from smear-positive pulmonary or cultivated samples. The second version is even more sensitive and can therefore also be performed using smear-negative pulmonary samples.
  • Efficient diagnosis:Both test systems are perfectly suitable for the detection of XDR-TB in patients previously diagnosed with MDR-TB. For a step-wise diagnostics the test systems can be performed subsequent to GenoTypeMTBDRplus using the same DNA isolate.
  • Flexible processing: According to your sample throughput you can choose between manual or automated processing.
  • Rapid results: Results are available within a few hours in comparison to several weeks when using conventional methods.


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