Bruker GenoType MTBDRplus 2.0


Identification of the M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to Rifampicin and/or Isoniazid from pulmonary clinical specimens or cultivated samples.

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The identification of rifampicin resistance is enabled by the detection of the most significant mutations of the rpoB gene (coding for the β-subunit of the RNA polymerase). For testing the high level isoniazid resistance, the katG gene (coding for the catalase peroxidase) is examined and for testing the low level isoniazid resistance, the promoter region of the inhA gene (coding for the NADH enoyl ACP reductase) is analyzed.

Your benefits with GenoType MTBDRplus

  • Can be performed from pulmonary patient specimen and from culture material.
  • Results are obtained in 5hrs compared to 1 to 2 months with conventional methods.
  • Allows early, appropriate treatment, which reduces transmission and spread of MDR-TB.


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