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BioServices AB offers services and solutions in lab automation and NA extraction. If you need a technical service partner, a new NA extraction solution or maybe help with developing one of your existing methods, we can help!

We have our offices in Stockholm, Sweden. Our customers are located in Northern Europe.

PSS magLEAD 6gC/12gC

BioServices is the Nordic distributor of extraction technology from PSS.

The instruments magLEAD 6gC and magLEAD 12gC are based on the established Magtration®-technology which is already in use on over 10.000 instruments around the world. Combined with the new automated extraction kit MagDEA Dx you are able to extract nucleic acid from a wide variety of samples in under 30 minutes.

PSS is a renowned Japanese instrument manufacturer that has provided OEM solutions for some of the largest companies in the field. They are known for providing extremely high quality products, and the new magLEAD extraction instruments branded with their own name is of course no exception.

We at BioServices have worked with PSS for many years and we know that you will be satisfied if you choose magLEAD as your extraction platform.


The geneLEAD VIII is a fully automated, sample-to-result precision instrument. Samples, reagents and consumables are placed in the instrument and the assay is started. Nucleic acids are obtained from the samples using magnetic bead extraction with process happening in the tip (Magtration®) instead of a well. Upon completion the nucleic acids are transferred to the PCR well, and the PCR master mix is added and qPCR thermal cycling started. Results are analyzed and reported directly by the instrument and can be accessed remotely using LIMS system.

TANBead Maelstrom 9600

Maelstrom 9600 is an extraction instrument from TANBead designed for high-throughput applications. With its unique Spin-tip technology it can extract 96 samples quick and effectively.

Maelstrom 9600 is an open system that can be programmed and adapted for your own extraktion kits, or be used with the large variety of pre-filled kits available from TANBead.

The instrument is equipped with a rotating plate that holds 8 positions, of which 4 has a heating block. You control the instrument with an easy to use touch screen. There is also a convenient built in UV-light for decontamination.

TANBead Maelstrom 2400

The Maelstrom 2400 is an upcoming large volume variant of the 9600 that is currently under development. With the same technology as in the 9600 you will be able to extract 1-24 samples with a volume of up to 10ml.

TANBead Maelstrom 8 Autostage

Maelstrom 8 Autostage is a small extraction instrument from TANBead. It is a perfect fit for those who wants to automate their manual extraction method. The Maelstrom has a unique Spin-tip technology that mixes the samples with high efficiency.

Maelstrom 8 Autostage is an open system that allow you to create your own methods by using a simple programming interface. It can be used with either your own chemistry or with any of TANBeads many pre-filled reagents.

The Maelstrom 8 Autostage can process 8 samples per run and has an integrated heating block.

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Brand Liquid Handling Station

Brand is a German company that has been producing high quality laboratory equipment since 1949. They have now released their first automated liquid handling system, the Brand Liquid Handling Station.

The Brand LHS can use either a single tip pipetting head or a multichannel head with 8 tips. The head can with a simple push of a button be replaced by the user, thus making it possible to use the same instrument for various applications.

The LHS comes with a very intuitive and simple to use software. No programming skills are required to create your own pipetting method. A clever graphical interface lets you set up the layout and create the different pipetting steps you need, and then run a visual simulation before you perform the live run.

Brand LHS can handle volumes between 1-1000µl and is capable of using both 96-format and 384-format plates, as well as microtubes of different dimensions.

CatchGene iCatcher 12

iCatcher is a fully automated DNA/RNA system for Large Volume Liquid Biopsy & Solid Biopsy. It uses CatchGenes patented membrane technology to purify cfDNA from large volume samples (up to 4ml). By using this method instead of the regular magnetic beads, the iCatcher is able to extract cfDNA with both higher purity and higher concentration.

The instrument is easy to operate and can process 1-12 samples at a time.

Bruker – GenoXtract 96

GenoXtract® 96 is an innovative high-throughput extraction instrument that allow for an automated extraction of bacterial, viral and human nucleic acid from various specimens.

The instrument can handle 1-96 samples, pipetting directly from the sample tubes. After extraction an automated PCR setup can be performed directly, using one or several mastermixes.

It features a barcode reader that lets you track your samples. If used in combination with the FlouroCycler XT, sample data is transferred automatically between the systems and can be passed on to a LIMS, providing secure data management.

The system can also be programmed and used as a standalone pipetting robot.

Bruker – FluoroCycler XT

FluoroCycler® XT is a high-performance PCR instrument for all known PCR technologies. Furthermore, it is the only instrument to support the unique LiquidArray technology.

Assay analysis is performed by the FluoroSoftware XT-IVD and result interpretation is summarized in the FluoroCycler® XT Report. The connection to LIMS offers reliable data management.

Technical service

BioServices provides technical service for a large number of customers including companies, hospitals and government organizations.

Our customers are for example multinational companies who needs help with yearly maintenance of their medical instruments, hospital laboratories who needs quick repairs and tech support, distributors of medical equipment who wants to refurbish used instruments, etc.

Our service engineers have many years of experience in the field supporting various equipment from a lot of different manufacturers. This experience is vital to be able to solve problems that occur and provide excellent support for our customers.

Contact us if you think we can help you!

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